SC Powerball winner yet to claim nearly $260M

A single-ticket winner has won $259.9 million dollars with a Powerball lottery ticket, but that person, or persons, has not yet come forward. Paula Harper Bethea with the South Carolina Education Lottery explains what happens to lottery tickets that go unclaimed: “If no one does come forward, then that money will be split on a pro-rated basis between the states that have Powerball in their states, and the percentage of sales that they have for the Powerball jackpot. So, South Carolina would get some money, obviously, if no one came forward.”
Bethea says they are hopeful the person or persons will come forward to claim the ticket.
“This person or persons who are holding the ticket actually have 180 days to come forward, and so it’s not typical that someone shows up the very next day. Typically there is a period of time between when the winning number is picked and when they come forward,” says Bethea.
The nearly $260 million ticket was sold at the Murphy USA store in Columbia. If the ticket is claimed, the store gets $50,000, only if the ticket shows up.
Instant ticket-checkers are currently being deployed in South Carolina.

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