Jenny Sanford's friends: She's giving it her best shot

First lady Jenny Sanford spoke about her husband, Governor Mark Sanford’s affair for the first time last week. Two of her closest friends, Marjory Wentworth and Virginia Lane were on CBS’s “The Early Show” Monday morning and spoke about the first lady’s current condition. Lane is a godmother for one of the Sanford boys and says Sanford is holding on.
“She’s doing as well as expected. She’s just always had this amazing ability to focus when she’s got all of these trials going on around her and focus on what’s right, what’s wrong, and how to get to protecting her boys,” says Lane.
Lane says Jenny Sanford is standing tall, and has become a role-model around the country. After Sanford found out about the affair, she told Wentworth and Lane. Lane says they were shocked.
“It was heartbreaking, Mark’s the last person on the planet that we thought this would happen. (reporter: were those her words too?) Absolutely,” says Lane.
Wentworth agreed with Lane, saying the Sanford’s were the ideal family.
“They seemed like the perfect couple. Beautiful children, his star was rising politically, so everybody was shocked. But, she’s doing great, we’re here to say she’s doing great,” says Wentworth.
Both friends agreed that Sandford is handling her husband’s affair with grace and dignity. They were asked on “The Early Show” if they think Sanford believes her marriage will last.
“‘She’s giving it her best shot,’ says Lane. She’s giving it her best, she wants to be able to look her kids in the eye and know that she did everything she could to heal the marriage, and she’s able to look at the big picture and the whole sweep of her life, and if it’s possible, she wants it to happen,” says Wentworth.
Jenny Sanford is living in Sullivans Island with her four sons, while the governor is still in Columbia, living in the governor’s mansion.

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