Kool Aid days breaks records

The Kool-Aid Pitchers were overflowing as Kool-Aid Days wrapped up in Hastings. The annual Three day event broke many records this year. The numbers are pouring in and it appears the amount of Nebraskas Official soft drink poured out for Kool-Aid Days in Hastings is up significantly. Randy Kottwitz, Executive Director of Kool-Aid Days says attendance for the event climbed almost 40 percent. An estimated 32,000 people drank down over 1,900 gallons of Kool-Aid. And, more notably, for the 1st time in the 12-year history of Kool-Aid Days, Grape was not the most popular flavor at the worlds largest Kool-Aid stand. With 175 gallons consumed, Mango became this years favorite flavor.

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