Horse-carriage company pleads guilty

A Charleston judge heard from horse-carriage representatives concerning ill-treatment of its horses on Wednesday.
It would be hard for anyone who rides through the historic City of Charleston to not notice the horse carriages touring visitors and residents around the city. The carriages have become part of the streets of Charleston.
Recently, one of the most popular horse-drawn carriage companies, Carolina Polo and Carriage Company, was accused of animal cruelty to these horses. Representatives from Carolina Polo and Carriage Company showed up in court this week for those charges and pleaded guilty to four code violations before Municipal Judge Michael Molony. The violations were related to the way Carolina Polo had been handling and maintaining its horses and stables.
The AP reports Judge Molony assessed nearly $1,800 in fines, which includes a maximum penalty of $1,092 for feeding practices alone. Molony also suspended the fines of record-keeping for one full year. Besides the fines, the judge also asked that Carolina Polo provide free tours to elementary school students from James Simons Elementary School downtown.

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