State has gotten $500 million in stimulus

More than $513 million in federal stimulus money has come to South Carolina’s state agencies and programs so far. The majority has gone to Medicaid and unemployment benefits. State Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom reports this breakdown:
$333.3 million- Department of Health and Human Services (Medicaid)
$ 78.3 million- Employment Security Commission
$ 42.0 million- Department of Social Services
$ 23.1 million- Department of Public Safety
$ 17.8 million- Department of Education
$ 12.4 million- Governor’s Office
$ 3.9 million- Department of Commerce
$ 2.3 million- Department of Health and Environmental Control
$ 260,000- Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging
$ 69,000- Vocational Rehabilitation
$ 24,000- Department of Transportation
$ 19,000- Budget and Control Board
Total: $ 513,491,165
Eckstrom says, “There are widely differing views on the stimulus, and I have offered mine: We’re spending money we don’t have on many things we don’t need.”
The state is slated to get $2.8 billion in American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds.

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