Shaw AFB facility breaks ground in many ways

Monday’s ground-breaking event at Shaw Air Force Base begins the US Army’s move from Fort McPherson to Shaw bringing together the Army, the Air Force, the Department of Defense and civilian contractors, government and private employees, state and local leadership.The estimated cost of the new facility is $92 million. These headquarters will be distributed through three separate facilities: command control facility; Headquarters Company facility; and the tactical equipment maintenance facility. Azubuike says the other two forts in Georgia will be no more.
Third Army Major Amanda Azubuike says, “As of September 2011, Fort McPherson and Fort Gilliam will close. There is a small enclave that will remain open at Ft. Gilliam. However, Third Army will be completely moved by September 2011.”
This is the culmination of the work of a taskforce put together by the City of Sumter, the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce and the business community in response to the 2003 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The economic impact of the new operation to the Sumter region is expected to be about $150 million a year.

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