Fortenberry holds town hall meeting over the phone

Some callers were suspicious of change…and some like Cindy were frustrated with escalating insurance costs during Congressman Jeff Fortneberry’s teletownhall conference call today on health care reform.
“I am angry, I’m angry on the other side other than all the one’s at the town hall meeting said are angry. and what I’m angry…is no one is speaking up for that. All I hear you doing is defending the insurance companies.”
Congressman Fortenberry continued to emphasize the importance of prevention steps to lower consumer costs.
“If we changed our system to one that focused on incentivizing prevention and wellness, and you’re living correctly and I understand that, but it is 75% of the total $2.2 Trillion health care cost in this country, you could save hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars”
The callers were preselected, many at random out of Congressman Fortenberry’s district.

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