DeMint: Stop government takeover of health care

Senator Jim DeMint is leading the opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care reform ideas. The Republican senator has his own plan that he says would give health care to every individual through a $5,000 voucher. DeMint was in Charleston this week for a town hall meeting to hear from the public.
“I found the only way we’re gonna stop what’s happening in Washington is go straight to the people, and we’ve had to do that through TV shows and I’ve had the chance to be on radio talk-shows all over the country, and people are getting stirred up and hopefully we can stop this government take-over of health care,” says DeMint.
More than 300 people attended the forum at the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association. DeMint says attendees were extremely concerned with the way the government is handling issues, like health care.
“What government program can you name that’s working well? Do you want these people to be between you and your doctor and whatever hospital, and whatever your care is? No, we don’t,” says DeMint.
DeMint says his plan takes the power away from the government and puts it into the hands of the people.
“We want everybody to have health insurance. Some can’t afford it, we need to make sure they can. If we just give people fair tax treatment, we can give every family in America who doesn’t get their insurance at work, or through Medicare, or through a Veteran’s Plan, we can give them $5,000 a year to buy health insurance. That’s not a give away, that’s the same thing people get when they get health insurance at work,” says DeMint.
The Senator says he hasn’t spoken with President Obama since the State of the Union Address.
“Well I was hoping he would call me for one of his beer summits or something. No, I think I’m pubic enemy number one to him right now. They really are coming after me and anybody who is criticizing him right now. I mean, this is Chicago politics come to Washington,” says DeMint.
DeMint says any Republican who helps pass Obama’s reform plan is betraying the American people.

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