Expect lines at lottery retailers as big jackpot looms

Nebraskans who play the Powerball know the jackpot has been growing since late June and is expected to hit $245 million for tonight’s drawing. That’s the tenth-highest jackpot in the game’s history and the lottery’s Terry Rich says when jackpots rise, so do the number of players.
Rich says big jackpots encourage more people to play as part of an office pool or try what he calls the “39-dollar option.” “That option is when people buy every single Powerball number and then do the quick pick on the other numbers, so they are guaranteed a winner by at least having the Powerball,” Rich said.
The increased jackpot and expectations for a boost in ticket sales also come with a warning from lottery officials to play responsibly. Rich says, “Kind of a popular lottery saying is ‘remember to play with your head rather than over your head.'”
He says lottery retailers will be busy throughout the day leading up to the 10 PM drawing.

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