Barrett: "I'm not the smartest in SC but I know who the smartest are"

US Congressman Gresham Barrett was on the gubernatorial campaign trial in Greenville Tuesday. The Republican spoke to the Upstate Republican Women’s club. 
Barrett says the governor must be motivated and have connections.  “We have tremendous potential in South Carolina.  But the Governor has to be the #1 cheerleader.  The governor has got to be the CEO.  I’m not the smartest person in the state.  I’ll tell you that up front.  But I know the smartest in the state–businessmen and businesswomen who can turn this state around.” 
“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe with all my heart that our forefathers had it right,” said Barrett.  “Government should come from the bottom up, not the top down.  The states are the hotbed of democracy in its raw form.”
The Third District Representative says the governor needs to be proactive.  “There should not be a quarter that goes around that the governor doesn’t sit around the table with the heads of research, with the heads of community colleges, with the heads of the different departments, and with the private sector, to make sure we hold people accountable for the needs of the people of South Carolina.”

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