Governor opens door to citizens

For a couple of hours this week, Gov. Mark Sanford took a break from defending himself to listen to the needs of various people, in a one-on-one setting. Before the rest of Governor Mark Sanford’s schedule was made public, there was one regularly-scheduled event that all citizens knew about.
Open Door After Four meetings were instituted by Gov. Sanford, were highly publicized —then lost popularity. The governor has re-invited the public to share private, five-minute meetings with him to discuss what’s on their minds.  This this week, they came–from all over the state. They wanted his help as governor, and many think he can help them with their issues.
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A lady from Spartanburg: “I came in to discuss a scam that is going on throughout South Carolina  by different governmental entities as it relates to abandoned derelict vehicles on private property.”
A business owner from Green Pond, “Businesses, small businesses that owe back taxes, what concession is made to allow those businesses to offset those taxes so that they can remain open?”
An entrepreneur from Summerville: “We heard that the governor was interested in creating South Carolina jobs and creating more energy efficiency. We’ re right in his lane so we’re here to ask him to help us.”
A couple of folks offered advice. A self-employed Sumter man had some ideas about the current health care debate. He told the governor that, “It would behoove him to take this moment and tell the nation while he is in the public eye–not the way he wants to be right now–but he can kind of change things around right now and tell people to kind of come together on this issue and listen to each other.”
An elderly lady from Goose Creek was thrilled to meet Gov. Sanford and offer some advice about his health care: “He’s too skinny. He needs to eat more.” 

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