Inglis encounters hostility at Upstate town hall meeting

(report filed by SCRN’s Susan Trautsch)
Congressman Bob Inglis encountered some resistance recently at a Boiling Springs town hall meeting when he said he was concerned that many are buying into a fear factor.He told more than 350 participants, “The twenty-four hour news cycle drives a fear factor that I think we really need to turn down. Way too many of these talking heads in that 24 hour news business have become famous by selling fear.”
Inglis says it’s a reality he has to deal with and wants his audience to be aware, but not afraid.
Inglis says, “At the town meetings we’ve moved from opposition straight through hostility to hysteria in some cases, and that I hope we can reduce.”
The congressman finds himself defending the system and the Consitution, saying as long as people remain committed to it, they can get the kind of changes they want.
“If this isn’t a health care proposal that we like, and frankly, I don’t like it,” says Inglis. “I’ve issued a press release listing 16 things that are wrong with Obamacare. Nevertheless we can have confidence that the Constitutional Republic will survive…even a President or even a health care plan that’s disagreeable to me.”
Inglis lists publically funded abortion as a service he’d exclude: “I think they clearly should be excluded from any taxpayers assistance, because people like me and many others object to using taxpayer money to fund abortions.”
He says that most conservatives want robust competition with insurance companies, and ending up with a single-payer system that most want to avoid.

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