Council Bluffs man dies after being shot by sister

A Council Bluffs man who was shot by his sister over the weekend has died. A spokesman for the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha says 34-year-old Chad Brannen died from a gunshot wound to the head Wednesday morning.

Officials with the Mills County Sheriff’s Department say Brannen was confronted by a friend Sunday morning, about having a .22-calibur Ruger handgun inside the friend’s home. Brannen handed the gun to his sister, told her it was loaded with blanks, and asked her to shoot him.

Authorities say when 31-year-old Elizabeth Brannen pointed the gun at her brother and pulled the trigger, a live round discharged from the weapon and hit her brother in the forehead. The shooting happened at a home south of Council Bluffs. Elizabeth Brannen was charged afterwards with reckless use of a firearm causing serious injury — a Class C felony.

Mills County Attorney Marci McClellan says Brannen’s sister may face a second, less serious felony charge of involuntary manslaughter, depending on the results of Chad Brannen’s autopsy. Elizabeth Brannen was released from jail earlier this week on pre-trial supervision.

Thanks to Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic

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