SC sheriff lays down the "law" for deputies

A South Carolina sheriff puts stipulations on his deputies, even after hours. Colleton County Sheriff George Malone told his deputies they can no longer visit nightclubs or bars, after they get off the clock. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports the sheriff said two of the county’s deadly shootings that happened recently, happened after arguments erupted inside a night club or bar.
Malone says besides the shootings, the act also appears unethical due to the description of the deputies’ job, in which he says getting off from patrolling the roads, and going to drink at a bar “looks bad.” Plus, the sheriff says a deputy is never really off duty.
Malone has said that if any of his employees, that includes administrators and in-office workers, are caught they will be reprimanded, and possibly fired. The rule does not apply for alcohol-permitted restaurants, and any bars or nightclubs outside of the county lines.

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