Pelini impressed with depth of defense

After Tuesday’s practice, it was Huskers defensive coordinator Carl Pelini’s turn to talk about defense. It’s a defense that he thinks will be a bigger threat to the Big 12’s spread offense this season…at least more challenging then in his first year back in 2008.
What has Pelini excited the most is that there are several first year players who are coming in who are not only fighting for playing time, but could see time on the field this season. While he wouldn’t name any of those names, he and his brother Bo have not redshirted anyone yet. The biggest issue for these younger players is just getting ramped up on the learning curve, but there is no doubt there is some talent.
One thing about Pelini’s defense, nothing is etched in stone. So, as the young incoming freshmen battle with the veterans, there are no guarantees as to who will start, who will play, who will be redshirted and that philosophy doesn’t change during the season either.
Pelini talks about that competition young players. While he doesn’t name young players or single out the guys he is impressed with, he does comment on Eric Martin, Jared Crick, PJ Smith, and Sean Fisher.

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