Graham says more troops likely to go to Afghanistan

Senator Lindsey Graham says Officials will soon start drawing down the number of American troops in Iraq. But the news from Afghanistan is not as good.Forty-three Americans were killed in action in Afghanistan during the month of July alone. Graham says that may be the highest death toll since the American invasion and he says more American and NATO solders will assuredly be needed soon.   “The new commander in Afghanistan will issue  a statement soon on what he needs.  I will be shocked if he doesn’t ask for more troops.”
The Republican says 68,000 American ground troops in Afghanistan are not enough.  “We have a lot of NATO troops but some of the rules of engagement for NATO countries don’t allow them to fight as we would like and some NATO countries have suffered great casualties.  And we appreciate very much their assistance.  But we’ve got to secure Afghanistan before you can bring about economic and political progress.  We learned that in Iraq.”
Graham says he will support more troops being sent to Afghanistan, even if it means some of them will go there from Iraq.  “Some of them are on their fourth or fifth tour and it breaks my heart.  But they’re all volunteers, the best army in the world and they’ll do what is necessary to defend this country.”
Graham says Afghanistan is an extremely important US military concern.  “The Afghan people are good people but they’re the third poorest country in the world and they don’t have a lot going for them economically but they’re proud and they fight hard.  The Taliban is trying to emerge but the Afghan people don’t want that and we don’t want that, and I hate it but we’ve got to get it right.” 
Graham says the chaos is growing in Pakistan, Afghanistan’s neighbor.   “The Taliban leader in Pakistan has reportedly been killed over the weekend.  But Pakistan reportedly has nuclear weapons.  And if Afghanistan goes into chaos it will certainly affect Pakistan and you can’t let nuclear weapons fall into the hands of radical people.”

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