Chiefs drop WR Bowe to third on depth chart

The Kansas City Chiefs released their first depth chart of the 2009 season. The biggest shocker was to see wide receiver Dwayne Bowe’s name listed third on the chart behind Terrance Copper and Devard Darling.
Bowe is struggling right now in camp.In the receiver’s latest drill, quarterbacks throw the ball to the receiver who then gets hit with a blocking pad from behind by a coach. Bowe had trouble and never looked comfortable hanging onto the ball. Perhaps he has becomes Haley’s whipping boy for a group of receivers that don’t have a lot of experience on the front end.
Haley has handle wide receivers in the past including Anquan Boldin who at times could be a thorn in Haley’s side at Arizona, so Haley knows all the tricks to getting under a receiver’s skin and getting the most out of his players. So far, Bowe doesn’t seem to be reacting very well.
Haley did bring in veterans Bobby Engram and right as camp started Amani Toomer (both listed below Bowe on the depth chart), but we all knew coming in this wouldn’t be their strong suit. Copper is relatively unknown, but the six year vet has returned kicks and played special teams on Dallas, New Orleans, and Baltimore. Haley has been really impressed with Cooper’s work ethic. Darling was with the Chiefs last year, he was the receiver who nearly broke free for the game winning touchdown in week one against New England before being caught at the five.
Todd Haley talks about his receivers after practice on Tuesday.

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