Newberry family accused of beating grandfather who allegedly molested children

Newberry County authorities say a man was beaten by his family after admitting that he sexually assaulted his grandchildren.
Newberry Police Officers said they were taking a prisoner into the county’s detention center when they spotted a man in the parking lot, being let out of a car, who had been badly beaten. The officers called for an ambulance and then contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Investigators say 54-year-old Terry Hugh Gibbs’ children assaulted him after he admitted that he had sexually assaulted three of his grandchildren, ages 10 and younger.
Newberry County authorities say one child reported the abuse to an aunt. Reports say the man had stints in his heart and went into cardiac arrest during the beating and had to be transported to a Columbia area hospital where he is still hospitalized. When he is released he will face charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and lewd act on a child, for the three children, and also forĀ an additional child in the family who was identified after the investigation began.
Investigators say the suspect gained access to the children through family connections, such as babysitting. No charges have been filed against the parents who committed the assault.

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