Governor responds to recent investigations

Governor Mark Sanford is responding to a recent AP investigation that accused him of misusing state aircraft for personal trips, such as hair and dental appointments. Tuesday, the governor was on Charleston affiliate WTMA’s Rocky D talk show and said a reporter who quoted the governor flying from Myrtle Beach to Columbia for a haircut was not entirely accurate.
“Why in the world would you get on a plane to fly from Myrtle Beach back to Columbia to go to Great Clips–is the name of the place–you can get a haircut there for $11. It is not a hair salon, in which is was described in the paper, and they don’t take appointments. Now, why would you schedule a flight to get to a place that doesn’t take appointments so you could sit in the little cube with everybody?,” says Sanford.
Sanford says he was there for professional matters, but stopped by Great Clips to get a haircut while there.
The governor also commented on other allegations in which he was accused of using first class on some trips.
“At some point there has to be a question of reasonableness. There has never been a first class ticket bought, and that has been wrong on what has been in the media on that front. Commerce has purchased business tickets, but it hasn’t been unique to me, it’s been common with former Secretary’s of Commerce, or for that matter, senior staff level folks who have made some of these trips,” says Sanford.
Sanford says he plans on staying in office until the end of his term next year, in which he says has much to focus on.
“I think, in other words, my intention would be, if the good Lord and the voters want me to stay where I am, to really push hard on both economic development and restructuring because, for instance, particularly on the restructuring side, it’s no longer about me,” says Sanford.

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