Drake announces gubernatorial bid

Attorney and statehouse lobbyist Dwight Drake has announced a run for Governor as a Democrat.
Drake says he led efforts to bring BMW to South Carolina, resulting in 15,000 new jobs, and to protect public school funding.
Drake says it’s time to get South Carolina working again. “What will be eight years with Mark Sanford will have been wasted.  We simply can’t waste any more time.  Governor Sanford has made a lot of news with the vacations and so forth, but the real problem I have is that from the beginning of his term he has been completely AWOL.” 
Drake says the state needs his experience.  “I know what it takes to bring jobs to South Carolina.  I worked with Governor Campbell and later Governor Hodges on the BMW expansion, and with Governor Campbell when they came here to start with.”   
Drake says he also worked with Governor Riley and Governor West. 
Drake says there needs to be a complete focus on more jobs.   “I think I know what it takes.  South Carolina needs a governor who, when wakes up in the morning, is thinking about bringing jobs here, and it’s the last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed at night.” 
Opponents like Representative Laurie Funderburk of Kershaw County, who is also a Democrat and an attorney, say they’re weary of Drake’s lobbyist background. She says his career has been built by protecting the status quo for powerful special interests like big tobacco, nuclear waste, and payday lending.
“Anybody’s a fool who thinks I’m going to do anything that’s not in the best interest of South Carolina,” said Drake.  “Whether it’s someone I’ve worked with before, or someone I’ve never met, a stranger, if it’s a good idea the answer is yes, and if it’s a bad idea for the state, the answer is no.”

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