The two sides of the "plate"

South Carolinians have choices when it comes to license plates; however, one of those choices is causing a bit of an uproar in the state-and court.
State citizens could have a religious license plate option that have the words “I believe” on them, but that option may be voided if it’s up to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
Last year, the group sued several state officials after lawmakers passed the bill to allow the creation of the plates with a stained-glass window and a cross. According to the Associated Press, the group says by approving this type of plate, state government is endorsing Christianity.
South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has recently argued against the group saying the plates “do not promote Christianity over other religions or Atheism, just as a ‘parrot head’ plate does not promote fans of Jimmy Buffett over fans of other singers.” McMaster says these plates allow motorists to make a constitutional statement of their beliefs.
The case is now in federal court, but a decision is not expected to be made until later this year.

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