Graham speaks to citizens about health care reform

Senator Lindsey Graham spent a good bit of Monday afternoon on the phone talking with citizens from around South Carolina about various issues and the media was invited to listen in. The primary topic of conversation was health care reform.Graham is opposed to the Obama Administration’s reform plan. Graham says the new plan would eventually force insurance companies to leave the business.
Senator Graham told a caller named John in Spartanburg that he wants everyone to have medical care, but he wants it to be handled by the private sector.  “I propose that all Americans will be enrolled in a plan and everyone will have a series of plans to choose from.  And if your costs are too high or your income too low the government will help you pay for it.  And the benefits will be the same that a member of Congress receives.” 
Graham says the Medicare program is already underfunded by $36 trillion dollars. Graham also says that 20 percent of those receiving Medicare are responsible for 80 percent of the cost to the program.
The Republican discussed with “Pam” in Myrtle Beach that he’s adamantly opposed to what he says will be a government-run plan.  “If you threw everyone in the country into a single plan run by the government you wouldn’t have enough money to run the government.  You would have to start rationing health care.  The moment you put the public option on the table, the private sector is going to go by the wayside.  No one in the country can compete with the federal government because the government doesn’t care about the bottom line.” 
Graham says politicians would actually write the benefits for the Obama Administration’s plan.  “Employees will start dumping their employees.  The best way to go is to reform Medicare.  Allow low-income Americans quality health care where they won’t have to run to the emergency room.  Have a backup plan for someone if they get really sick.”
Graham told “Valerie” in Goose Creek that, at the same time, there needs to be specific insurance reform, to allow for direct services between doctors and patients. Graham says the growth of the private insurance industry has had a monopoly affect.  “Why can’t the doctor in the hospital offer services directly to the patient and not have to go through an insurance company?  I would like to see more options for buying insurance.  And one thing we don’t want to do is deny people coverage because of a pre-existing illness.  We want to make sure they’re in a plan.”

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