AP questions Gov. Sanford use of state flights

New information on the governor’s travel records show he used aircraft for both personal and political trips.
Last week, Governor Mark Sanford and his family returned from a two-week family vacation in Europe, but investigations continued on the governor’s travel expenses throughout his reign as governor.
In an exclusive Associated Press investigation, contrary to state law, records show since 2003 Governor Sanford flew for personal use. The investigation shows over the past few years the governor flew to hair and dentist appointments, political party gatherings, a birthday party for a campaign donor, and his children’s sporting events. This comes in contradiction to his gubernatorial demands in the office. According to the report, Sanford would demand his employees to use both sides of post-it notes to save money.
Last week, First Lady Jenny Sanford and the couples’ four boys moved out of the governor’s mansion into the families’ home on Sullivans Island in Charleston.
Sanford has no plans to resign.

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