Brown asks McMaster to investigate Sanford…again

State Representative H. Boyd Brown of District Number 41 (Faifield-Chester Counties) has once again sent a letter to the Attorney General’s Office requesting an investigation of alleged inproprieties committed by Governor Mark Sanford. Brown says his first two requests were denied as Henry McMaster has stated there have not been any wrongdoings by the governor. Brown disagrees with McMaster and says his failure to do his job is politically motivated.
“There is no doubt about it,” said Brown. “If he was doing his job, we might not have Governor Sanford in office right now. We might’ve been saved some of the embarrassment we’ve been put through.
“I think there is no doubt in my mind that we have not had an investigation because of political bias.”
Brown says now that more allegations have been exposed by the media, McMaster must investigate. “He said, ‘no’. He said he didn’t think there had been any wrongdoing in office and if anyone could show him wrongdoing, he’d be happy to investigate. Now that wrongdoing has been shown to him, unless he doesn’t read the paper which wouldn’t surprise me, than he has no reason not to investigate now that the governor used state planes for personal and politcal use,” he said.
He says by not investigating, McMaster is not doing his job correctly. According to Brown, “Senator Dave Thomas is doing his own investigation. I could pick the phone easily and get plenty of people on board, but right now, we don’t have time to build a concensus in the General Assembly.
“That’s why it takes the sole power of the Attorney General to look into it. We’re not even in session right now but the Attorney General should always be in session whether he is running for governor or not and should always be doing his job.”
Brown says the media is doing McMaster’s job for him. “The Attorney General said there had been no wrongdoing. Well, thanks to Jim Davenport of the Associated Press, we now see that there is some wrongdoing. Do we need to get the Associated Press to be our Attorney General? Is that what it’s going to take to find facts in this state? It’s just unbelievable that Henry McMaster won’t investigate because of political purposes.”
Brown says he fully expects Attorney General McMaster to ignore his request again.

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