Upstate congressman offers health care amendment

Third Congressional District Congressman Gresham Barrett has offered an amendment on the new government health care program. Barrett’s amendment requires members of Congress and senior administration officials to enroll in the program because he says “if the plan is good enough for American families, it’s good enough for Washington bureaucrats.”
“I think you gotta get back to basics. Jim DeMint has been a stalwart, especially in the Senate when it comes to this health care debate because he’s speaking the truth,” says Barrett.
Barrett spoke with Charleston affiliate WTMA, and agreed with Senator DeMint’s opposition to President Obama’s health care plan. He says people across the nation are starting to realize the plan is not all it was intended to be; originally Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill called for $1 trillion, now, Barrett says it is costing nearly $2 trillion.
“It’s gonna be an organization of the federal government that’s gonna tell me and you, with the help of a federal bureaucrat, how we are going to take care of our health and our children’s health, rather than me and you and our doctor. I think people are starting to realize what change has meant. President Obama has said he was gonna bring change, and this is the change,” says Barrett.
Barrett also says change has taken place in the Republican party as well.
“In 2006 when the Democrats took over, all we had to do, all the Republicans had to do, was look in the mirror. Government was out of control, big spending was out of control. We had become the party of big government, and the people said ‘you know what, I think the Democrats can do better,’ and now, I think they are starting to see a little buyer’s remorse,” says Barrett.
The congressman says there’s plenty of blame for both parties.
Barrett is also a candidate in the 2010 gubernatorial race for South Carolina.

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