Mrs. Sanford leaves the mansion

Sanford’s four sons for the school year. In a statement, Sanford said she is moving to the family home on Sullivans Island, but will continue to work on their marriage. Mrs. Sanford and her sons moved to the same family home a few weeks before her husband publicly admitted he’d been having an affair.
Her statement reads:
“I am literally in awe of how blessed we are to have such love and support from family and friends, old and new. It is with this support, and after much careful and prayerful consideration, that I have decided to move back to our home in Charleston with our sons for the upcoming school year. From there, we will work to continue the process of healing our family. While we will be leaving Columbia, we will return often, and I will remain engaged in activities in my role as First Lady, acknowledging that my responsibilities to my family come first. Once again, when it comes to personal family matters like this, I respectfully ask that members of the media allow us to go on with our lives in peace.”
Then the governor issued his own statement:
“The First Lady’s Office has already put out a statement that speaks for the family, on this decision that we felt best, both for our process of reconciliation, and for the boys in the upcoming school year.  I stand by this family decision and accordingly ask the media to honor the zone of privacy that Jenny has asked for on behalf of the healing process and our four boys going forward.”
The First Lady and some other women moved clothing and boxes from the mansion in Columbia on Friday.The Sanfords and their sons returned Wednesday from a trip to Europe. The Governor had said that he had plans to work on different economic opportunities for the state while he was there.

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