Heat wave hits, 100-degrees likely today

Forecasters say high temperatures may hit triple-digits today in parts of Nebraska. The state Department of Health and Human Services is issuing a Heat Alert as the heat index, combining the temperature and humidity, could be well over a hundred.

National Weather Service┬ámeteorologist Miles Schumacher says air conditioners will be whirring. He says it’ll be a strong push of warm air for the weekend and it may be some of the warmest temperatures of the summer. Many areas of Nebraska are expected to have high temps in the upper 90s and Schumacher says the intense heat will likely last through the weekend.

“That, combined with the humidity…we are looking for the likelihood of seeing the heat indices getting up to 105 or so,” Schumacher says. “We could have some Heat Advisories in effect by Saturday.” Temperatures will likely cool off a bit early next week, but he says another round of hot weather is forecast by mid-August.

“In a normal year, this would be no big deal. It’s like, ‘Oh, it’s going to be 95 again,’ but this year, I think it’s going to surprise people when it gets that hot again,” Schumacher says. Last month was among the coolest Julys on record for many parts of the region.

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