Barrett: Empower people, not government

An Upstate South Carolina congressman running for governor explains what government needs to do to see real change. On the list of candidates for the 2010 gubernatorial race for South Carolina is 3rd Congressional District Congressman Gresham Barrett.
“I believe our forefathers had it right, if you’re gonna institute real change in America, you’re gonna have to do it from the bottom up, from the states up, and I still believe in the Tenth Amendment, I believe in the state’s rights,” says Barrett.
Barrett made his comments on Charleston affiliate WTMA’s Rocky D show this week, and said what needs to happen if government really wants to change things around.
“We’re going to empower people, not government. We’re gonna help business and industry supply an environment where people can live, thrive and survive, and then get government out of the way, and I think we can do that in South Carolina,” says Barrett.
Barrett says growing the government is not the way to grow the economy.

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