Back-to-school supply lists prohibited in stores

It’s time for back-to-school shopping again, but this year parents won’t be seeing their child’s supply lists in stores to simplify their shopping. If they do, it may be against the law. This year, department stores, such as Office Depot and Staples, are prohibited from having back-to-school lists in their stores. Prosperity 4 Kids spokesperson Lori Mackey explains.
“The department stores and office stores would suggest that you should buy pencils or the plastic packs, they can’t suggest that anymore because they can be fined for offering any information for a child under 13 that has any of these lead counts or plastic counts,” says Mackey.
Mackey says this dates back to past lawsuits involving school supplies with lead counts, causing harm to children.
“What happened was in February they passed a law and it’s the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and this has to do with all of the stuff that happened with the lead paint, and the plastics and all the toys that were recalled,” says Mackey.
The worry now is that stores, that cannot suggest school supply items for 13 and under, may fall into blame.
“Because the parents are going to get made that they don’t have these lists, and it really isn’t their fault. It’s because of the way this law was written that, all kids go to school right, and you can’t have offer things that have these lead counts to 13 and under. So, it really ties their hands on being able to help parents out,” says Mackey.
Mackey says the new law does not help parents in the state of the economy.
“Right now with the economy, everybody’s trying to save money and something like this just really throws a wrench in there for parents who are trying to save money, and do things systematically with a list, and you can’t even get a list. Like I said, the worst thing is is that these parents are going to walk in and now know, and be devastated that they don’t have a list to go by,” says Mackey.

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