101 in Lincoln? Heat wave wilts Nebraska

Parts of Nebraska will be roasting today and through the weekend, with highs well into the 90s and nearing the 100-degree mark. Mindy Albrecht, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says the heat wave is washing over much of the state.

Temps will be climbing into the mid to upper 90s with heat indices in triple-digits both Saturday and Sunday. Albrecht says the front is producing excessive heat, which follows a cooler-than-normal July.

The weather pattern Nebraska has seen the past several weeks is changing and all of the heat that had been over Arizona and the desert region of the Southwestern U-S is now pushed into the Great Plains, making it feel more like summer here.

Albrecht says the hot spell will last for a few days. She says the mid-90s will last through the weekend with a slight cool-off into the 80s next week. Overall, she expects high temps to remain around normal or slightly-warmer-than-average.

For tomorrow, Omaha’s forecast high is 100-degrees while Lincoln’s expected to reach 101.

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