Tax-free sales weekend arrives in SC

This weekend is tax-free shopping weekend in the Palmetto State and will allow consumers to save money while purchasing the items they need for back-to-school items. Head of Retail in the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism at USC, Dr. Marriane Bickle, says this is a great opportunity to save money because retailers will give additional incentives to their clientele.
“Consumers should also know that many retailers, in fact many retailers, will also offer additional discounts,” said Bickle. “So they’ll be offering coupons. For example, maybe $10 off on other purchases so this is a really wonderful time to get really good bargains at most stores whether they are department stores, discount stores, or traditional big box stores.”
Bickle says there are several different goods that are available for tax-free purchase this weekend. “August 7 through the 9 is a tax-free weekend and what that means is that on clothing accessories, footwear, school supplies, clothing, and computer equipment…on those type of purchases, people will not be charged a sales tax.”
She says other states participate in a tax-free weekend but work together to benefit each other. “What will happen,” she says, “is North Carolina is one of the states that participates in it…but what will happen is they do a different weekend, so interesting enough, North Carolina is so close that people from North Carolina will come to shop in South Carolina and vice versa.”
Bickle is optimistic about a big sales weekend and says the stock market is giving people the confidence to spend money. According to Bickle, “The stock market has gone up and so, perhaps, people are feeling a little bit better about–a little more optimistic about–their retirement fund. Now granted, it’s in the short run right now, we have to look long term, but, I think is really going to be good for the economy.”

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