Tapp receives two life sentences for double murder

A Lyman man was sentenced to two life sentences for the murders of two men.
After Circuit Judge Derham Cole sentenced 55-year-old Phillip Tapp for armed robbery and two counts of murder of  46-year-old Scott Tapp and 74-year-old Kenneth Tapp. The report states each man had more than a dozen stab wounds.
Tapp confessed to that in an interview in Tennessee after he was stopped for driving under the influence, but he said the murders were acts of self defense.
Phillip Tap told jurors an intoxicated Scott Tapp, his nephew, grew angry over the fact he let his two dogs inside their shared home on a rainy night. He accused Scott of attacking his dogs with a large stick. Phillip Tapp said he stabbed his cousin, Kenneth Tapp, in the driveway of the home.
However, Solicitor Trey Gowdy said “Phillip Tapp’s version of the events doesn’t make sense, since we have two men who are in a graveyard and Phillip barely had a scratch on him.”
The trial took four days.

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