SC Senators split on today's Sotomayor vote

As expected, Senator Jim DeMint voted against the confirmation of Sonia Sortomayor while Senator Lindsey Graham was in favor. The vote was held this afternoon on Capitol Hill.
Dmint voted “no” just prior to Graham’s affirmative vote.
The final vote 68 to 31 for Sotomayor. She becomes the 111th justice and just the third woman to serve on the Supreme Court.
Nine Republicans joined majority Democrats and the Senate’s two independents to support Sotomayor’s confirmation. Those Repubublicans included a few GOP moderates and its lone Hispanic Republican, retiring Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, as well as Graham, a  conservative, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the party’s third-ranking leader.
The Republicans who voted for her said that she was well-qualified, mainstream judge.  
Sotomayor will be sworn in Saturday.

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