Nebraska National Guard talks about Afghan partnership

Members with the Nebraska National Guard and the University of Nebraska Medical Center wrapped up several days of discussions on Wednesday with two senior Afghan medical officials about ways they can develop services in Afghanistan. Coordinator of International Health and Medical Education at UNMC Ward Chambers says there are high hopes for a potential partnership.
“Hopefully through these efforts of education, we can build a sustaining medical system where they can educate their own health care providers, not just doctors and nurses but allied health personnel technicians.”
Chambers says the state of Nebraska could play a huge role in this partnership.
“This is a real opportunity for the state of Nebraska to be involved in medical education with the military and throughout the entire country. I think it’s something the state can be quite proud of.”
Col. Scott Gronewold is the Domestic Operations Officer with the Nebraska National Guard and he says there is much to gain with a potential partnership. .
“This really has national and global implications. What we do in Afghanistan enriches the people of Nebraska because we also learn just as much from them as they learn from us.”
This was the first step of what will become a new bilateral relationship designed to help strengthen ties with the Nebraska National Guard and Afghanistan. Once it is fully established, the relationship will enable the Guard to assist the Afghan nation in a variety of areas. Talks also included UNMC’s clinical rotations and residency programs, nursing and allied health education and the delivery of health care through distance technology.

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