Motorcyclist arrested in Omaha after 188 MPH run

A motorcyclist was arrested on a host of charges in Omaha last night after being clocked at 188 miles an hour on Interstate 80 in southwest Iowa. It may be the highest speed anyone’s ever been charged with going on an Iowa road.

The Iowa State Patrol attempted to pull over the motorcycle traveling 90-miles per hour in a construction zone at around 6:30 PM Wednesday, south of Missouri Valley, when the rider, who was traveling alongside another motorcyclist, took-off, while his fellow rider pulled-off to the side of the road.

The 36-year-old rider from Council Bluffs reached speeds of up to 188-mile per hour on his 2003 Suzuki, and only slowed to around 150-miles per hour while passing other vehicles on the interstate using the inside and outside shoulders of the road and riding between cars.

When the motorcycle sped through the street in Council Bluffs streets and on into Omaha, troopers backed off on their pursuit but the cycle continued to be tracked by an aircraft. When the pilot observed the motorcycle pull into a garage in Omaha, Police were directed to the home.

The unidentified rider was subsequently arrested on suspicion of multiple cases of improper passing, stop sign violations, eluding law enforcement and reckless driving. Officials say he had a valid driver’s license and was not intoxicated.

Thanks to Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic

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