Governor returns to work

Governor Mark Sanford is back in the Palmetto state and looking at what lies ahead.
Two weeks in Europe with his family on a planned vacation, and Sanford is now back to work at his office in Columbia. The governor returned Wednesday evening after trying to mend his relationships from his admittance to an extramarital affair. WCSC in Charleston heard from Sanford after he landed in Charlotte, when he spoke of how he will handle the next few days.
“Working on the job at hand, regarding the people of the state, and many things we’ve got to get done from the standpoint of restructuring economic development, and go down the list, and the job at hand at home is the obvious,” says Sanford.
Wednesday was also Sanford’s Communications Director Joel Sawyer’s last day on the job. Sawyer is starting his own consulting firm, while Ben Fox takes over the communications position. Fox sent a release that stated the governor has no planned public arrangements or events scheduled this week.
Sanford does plan on getting updates on how the state is monitoring federal stimulus cash spending, and he will also hear about issues involving development around the state’s military bases.

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