SLED calls newspaper article "absolute lie"

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has responded to a recent article by the Post and Courier in Charleston titled “Lloyd terms record ‘a joke,'” saying it is a lie.
The article, by reporter Yvonne Wenger stated that SLED Chief Reggie Lloyd referred to former SLED Director Robert Stewart’s budget record-keeping as “shoddy.” In a statement released by SLED, the agency says they “will not tolerate blatant lies and other disparging remarks made about and against this agency by members of the media.”
The release also referred to another article by the Post and Courier titled “SLED denies access to budgets” also a lie. SLED says they have made multiple attempts to help the Charleston newspaper in web-site referrals, conference calls, and FOIA requests. Now, the agency says “it should be known to the community that The Post and Courier advised SLED through an e-mail, that it would run negative comments on this agency if SLED did not immediately provide information instead of adhering to the fifteen day period to fulfill any FOIA request.”
WCBD in Charleston reports Post and Courier Editor Bill Hawkins said in this morning’s paper, ‘What this comes down to is SLED dragging its feet in responding to requests for basic budget information that is clearly public,‘ Hawkins said. ‘The director’s accusatory outburst over our reporter’s interview with him, which she recorded, will not sidetrack us from continuing to try to get details on how his agency is spending tax dollars. We will continue to spending tax dollars. We will continue to seek information that the public is entitled to see.’

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