Salvation Army in Greenville facing food shortage

The Salvation Army in Greenville County is experiencing food shortages making it difficult to help those in need. Spokesperson Pamela Garcia says the shortage is a combination of issues. She says that traditionally, donations ebb in the summer months as people are busier. She also says that those who have donated in the past are now the ones that are in need.
“Many of the new requests are coming from first time clients,” said Garcia. “Many of these people were donors themselves at one point and now find themselves on the receiving end.
“The Salvation Army in Greenville is struggling to keep up with this need. Today, we are finding ourselves with less than a day’s worth of food in our pantry. It’s a struggle for us to provide food to these families who are so desperate in need of that food.”
The Greenville County Salvation Army is in desperate need of non-perishable food items to continue to provide assistance to those in need.
Garcia says they have less than a day’s supply in their pantry. “When I say non-perishable; canned fruit or vegetable, canned meat, rice, instant mashed potatoes, powdered milk, canned meats is a big thing, pasta, anything that you would open up your cabinet and find in your pantry are the items that we need to provide to other families.”
She says there is concern as to how they will continue to help. According to Garcia, “It’s making it very difficult. We don’t know day-to-day if we’re going to able to supply the need for that particular day.
“As I stated, we have less than a day’s worth of food. It seems, by the grace of God, that the food seems to come in but with just less than a day’s worth of food it’s kind of a scary situation to think that we might not be able to provide food to these families.”
Garcia has a message to anyone that is in a position to donate. “You never know when you are going to be in need. These people that are arriving on our doorsteps for the first time never thought that they’d be asking for assistance. Through the loss of jobs and this rough economy, you never know when it’s going to be you that’s asking for help.
“So, if you are in a position to donate items please do so because it could be you tomorrow.”

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