Folly Beach talks "trash"

Folly Beach City Council hosted a public forum Tuesday night to hear from residents about the growing litter problem on the beach.
The “trash” talk came after the Fourth of July weekend where over 40,000 people visited Folly Beach and left bottles, cans, coolers and other forms of trash. Michael Arendt of the Surfrider Foundation spoke with WCSC in Charleston and says something needs to be done.
“We gotta start treating our beaches like national parks and not amusement parks. It’s nobody else’s job to pick up after you. Take responsibility for your actions,” says Arendt.
After hearing from the public, the meeting resulted in three main points: having better enforcement of litter laws on the beach, having better enforcement of fines for those caught littering, and making the trash issue a public problem, not just for the people who live on Folly.
In the forum’s discussion, people there decided they would want anyone caught littering to be fined $500 and 20 hours community service.
Folly Beach Mayor Carl Beckmann has already put the Folly Conservation Corporation into effect, where people sign up to walk the beach collecting trash and educating people about the problem the trash causes.

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