Bacterial meningitis possible cause of death to Clemson student

A Clemson University student may have died from bacterial meningitis. Danielle Rae Fleming passed away Saturday at Oconee Medical Center and Clemson officials say preliminary indications are attributing the death to bacterial meningitis, however, that has not been confirmed.
State health officials are talking with people who may have been in contact with Fleming.  Department of Health and Environmental Control Spokesperson Clair Boatwright says, “Anything that is a communicable disease, we contact anybody who would be at risk and then look at their contacts.
“We provide appropriate preventive treatment for anybody who is at risk so that is does not become a public health threat.”
She goes on to say, “We look at the contacts the person has had. We evaluate the risks to people who have been in contact and and then we would provide preventive treatment to anybody who is at risk.”

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