SC Medical Association gives thumbs down to health care plan

The American Medical Association has come out in favor of President Obama’s new healthcare reform bill.  But the South Carolina Medical Association has a very different opinion.

SCMA President-elect Gregory Tarasidis(tar-ra-SEE-dis) says the plan would basically fade out the existence of private health insurance companies by 2013. 

“We’re extremely concerned,” said Tarasidis, “that we’re going to be in a situation where the federal government and a Medicare Advisory Committee will perhaps be dictating to us whether we should be prescribing the red pill or the blue pill and whatever we should be doing.”  
When Congress returns from the August recess healthcare reform will be waiting on the table.

Dr. Tarasidis asserts that the plan would not be positive for patient care.  “There’re no provisions for any kind of tort reform, where we would see some protection from malpractice suits, even when we’re doing what we’re told to do.”   

Tarasidis says the SCMA’s position against the plan is a call for Capitol Hill lawmakers to make some changes.  “We feel comfortable that if we’ve done nothing else, at least we’ve encouraged them to slow down and try to get it right.  It’s a more than 1000 page bill.  The more you read it, the more you find that it contains things that may be for the detriment of patient care.” 

Tarasidis says the AMA’s review of the plan was a rush job, and he says the document goes too far.

“Sure there’re flaws in the system,” said Tarasidis.  “There’re pre-existing conditions that  get pushed out.  There should be some accommodation for that.  Some reform is definitely needed.  But what HR 3200 does is basically scrap the current system and reinvent it.”  

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