Charleston fire lawsuit: Defendants still undecided

A Charleston County judge heard arguments from state attorneys and the City of Charleston on who should be made defendant in the lawsuit cases involving the families of the fallen firefighters from the Sofa Super Store tragedy two years ago.
Eight of the nine families representing the fallen firefighters that died in the line of duty at the Sofa Super Store in June of 2007, have filed wrongful death-suit cases.
Monday, Charleston County Judge Markley Dennis heard from state attorneys who were asking that the City of Charleston be a defendant in the cases. As they made their arguments, claims were made that the attorneys wanted a jury to be able to determine how much the city contributed to the deaths.
However, the city says if it is named defendant, it will file for a motion to dismiss. One attorney, Kevin Dean, who represents the families, sided more with the city in saying bringing in the city would divert the jury’s attention from the store’s responsibility.
Judge Dennis will make the ultimate decision, as court will reconvene in two weeks.

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