"Cash for Clunkers": Mixed reviews from SC car dealers

The “Cash for Clunkers” program needs more funding, and as the U.S. Senate decides whether or not it will give the program that funding, local car dealers have their own opinions.
Last week the “Cash for Clunkers” program started with $1 billion. In less than a week, that $1 billion was used up. Now, as the program seeks to gain more funding from the U.S. Senate, some, like Senator Jim DeMint oppose the program. But, he’s not the only one.
It’s been the topic of talk shows around the country, including Charleston affiliate WTMA’s Rocky D who spoke with Greg, the used car dealer who says the program is harming his business.
“The Cash for Clunkers program is benefiting probably a new car buyer anyway that’s just getting a break, but what it’s going to do is devastate the common guy who has a modest income because it’s taking his car out of the market, and what’s going to be left is going to be out of sight,” says Greg.
However, Will also spoke on the program. He is a new car dealer spokesman who says “Cash for Clunkers” is great and the Senate should give more funding.
“They only put $1 billion in it to start. It was a trial period is what they were doing. Now that the program has actually been a success, I think they should go back and put more money in to the program, which is what they are doing now, that’s the debate,” says Will.
The program gives anyone who trades in an old, “clunker” car $4,500, and that person goes and buys a new, more fuel efficient car.
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