National Guard's 218th Brigade back in Charleston

Over the weekend, a large crowd gathered at the Citadel’s Johnson Hagood Stadium for a dedication of the National Guard’s 218th Brigade’s move back to Charleston in a new, upgraded facility. The Readiness Center and the Johnson Hagood Stadium joined together for a partnership to upgrade the stadium. Senator Lindsey Graham was in attendance for the dedication and spoke with WCSC in Charleston.
“The Stand Alone National Guard facility would have cost twice as much, and you would have had half as much for show for it. From the Citadel’s point-of-view they were able to get a partner to upgrade the stadium, so it makes perfect sense, and the 218th is moving back to Charleston, that’s big news,” says Graham.
Graham was a focal point of getting the 218th back to Charleston from Newberry. The dedication also recognized the Washington Light Infantry and the Sumter Guards.

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