Mignon Clyburn takes seat on FCC

Mr. and Mrs. James Clyburn and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

The first black woman to serve on the FCC takes her seat Tuesday¬†morning. Mignon Clyburn was sworn in today at the federal courthouse in Columbia. She’s the first FCC Commissioner from South Carolina.
Clyburn says, to begin with, she will focus on broadband deployment. The FCC has been investigating whether fast broadband internet services are being provided to all Americans in a timely fashion.
The Commissioner says the FCC has been criticized for not putting more importance on consumer interests. Clyburn says she will work to change that.

The outgoing South Carolina Public Service Commissioner says she’s qualified for the job and ready to go to work.
Clyburn not only served more than a decade on the panel that regulates utilities in South Carolina, she also published a small newspaper.
“I’m an entrepreneur in spirit,” said Clyburn. “I recognize the challenges facing small business owners.”
Clyburn is the daughter of US House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. He says he’s proud of his daughter.
Congressman Clyburn says that the FCC needs what his daughter will bring to the panel. “They’ll have a South Carolinian there who knows what it means to grow up and achieve a lot. It gives her experiences that I believe no one else on the commission has.”

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