Utility asks customers to shift power usage to save money

The Nebraska Public Power District wants to find out if people will change their energy consumption habits to save money. NPPD spokeswoman Brenda Sanne says the utility is starting a pilot project that will track electricity use.

The utility charges customers now based on how much power they use, not when they use it, so the pilot program will be a chance to determine if customers might shift their usage to different times based on different rates. Sanne says people will have to make changes in their daily routines to take advantage of the program.

She says try changing when you wash dishes or clothes outside of peak hours, or putting in a thermostat you can program to have temperatures drop during the winter, for example, if no one’s home for several hours.

Sanne says they have only an estimate of how much money could be saved by time-shifting utility usage. She says the savings may be anywhere from five to ten-percent.

The Energy Wise program will be piloted to about 200 volunteers in Chadron, Milford and Plattsmouth. Sanne says the program will begin in November and run for eleven months.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton

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