USC reaches challenge of business school namesake

The University of South Carolina has met a fundraising challenge set by the woman the school is named after. Five years ago, Darla Moore challenged USC to raise at least 30 million dollars by August 3rd, 2009, for the Moore school of business. Those funds come on top of the $45 million that Moore gave to the college in April 2004.
The money will fund scholarships, faculty positions and other initiatives to strengthen its postion in international business education.
University President Harris Pastides says the school exceeded Moore’s fundraising challenge.   “The Darla School of Business has not only raised its required $30 million, it has raised $42.4 million in gifts, pledges and in-kind donations.” 
Moore says she’s greatful for the donors who stepped up, despite tough economic times. She says she had a purpose when she gave the school 45 million dollars in 2004.  “If you’ll remember, I made this gift based on three integral parts of my identify:  being a women, being a Southerner, and being a capitalist.”
Moore says the donations will help pay for a new facility for the business school in the university’s research district.
Moore says she set this goal because she’s not satisfied with mediocrity.  She says she expects nothing but the best from the college.
(written by Adam Pinsker and William Christopher)

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