Myrtle Beach to Charleston commuter bus route in the works

A new commuter bus route may soon be available between the coastal cities of Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Coast RTA officials in Myrtle Beach announced Thursday a partnership that could include bus routes between the coastal cities. The move is seen as an opportunity to boost tourism and at the same time help veterans with transportation for their medical visits. Coast RTA is developing a program with the Charleston Area Regional Transportation authority to create a new service route between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. According to RTA officials, the anticipated route would run twice a day. One bus would run from Myrtle Beach to Charleston in the morning and another would make the run in the evening from Charleston to Myrtle Beach.
The idea  for the  additional route was first proposed after veterans in the Grand Stand area expressed concern over a lack of transportation options for veterans to travel to veterans hospitals for treatment.

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