South Dakotans to drill for water on Neb. side of river

In what’s believed to be a first-ever move, a South Dakota city plans to drill water wells in Nebraska and pipe it across the Missouri River. Yankton leaders approved the plan Monday. City Manager Doug Russell says continued problems with the level and quality of the river is forcing the city to look to the south bank.

“What we’re basically faced with is potential loss of water source,” Russell says. He says a new water source intake structure is needed and it’s pressing, “If we don’t acquire it at this location, we’re going to have to acquire it from somewhere else.”

Kyle Goodmanson, city director of environmental services, says they’re looking at two wells on city-owned property on the south side of the river. He says the two wells could provide up to five-million gallons of water per day.

The water would then be piped under the river to the water treatment plant on the north bank. The city could pump up to ten-million gallons a day. Russell says they have some cost estimates for the well project, which will be financed with a state loan. The previous cost estimate was around $2.85-million dollars, but he says this project would cost less as there would have to be less drilling.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton

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