Budget and Control Board launches transparency site

The State Budget and Control Board is launching a new website¬†that will allow citizens to see how the Board is spending their money. The website, referred to as the “Transparency Hub”, will bring together state salary and procurement data and make that information accessible to the public. Budget and Control Board Spokesman Mike Sponhour says this information should be easier for individuals to access.
“Every state has some type of entity that is dealing with budget and fiscal and personnel matters,” says Sponhour. “Here in South Carolina, that’s the Budget and Control Board. We’re just attempting to take the data that we’ve has and hasn’t always been in a single spot and where people could find it and make it a little more visible.
“We really hope this site is something that we can grow.”
He says the site has one simple function. “What this transparency site does is open up information that has not always been easily accessible for people that gives them an opportunity to learn more about how government spends their tax dollars,” he said.
Sponhour tells us what to expect when visiting the site. “Well, first and foremost they’re going to find a lot of good budget information about each state agency. You can go in here and quickly get a snap shot of the funding history of all state agencies as well as their annual reports and what type of budget requests they have been making to the General Assembly.”
The site will also allow you to see how state money is spent by category and count state employees working in each county.¬† There will also be a searchable database of construction contracts under review by the Board’s Office of State Engineer.

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